Applications Received – Costa Rica

The following applications have been RECEIVED and are currently under review. Notification of approval will be sent directly to the email provided during the application process.


Abby Mejia

Teri Riley

Vero Sandoval

Pam Owen

Krista McCutcheon

Kim Solis

Dee Gaines

Chrissy Cosner

Stephanie Fast

Hannah McBride

Anna Manquero

Allison Brown

Valerie Colby

Duane Stevens

Jennifer Giesemann

Mercedes Smith

Mayra Flores

Carrie Smith

Amanda Stead

Roxana Cruz Vences

Arlene Zuniga

Ellen Shutt

Karen Edwards

Jennifer Thomas

Olivia Martinez

Sylvia Yockchen

Lori Lehnherr

Marinajo Fields

Dina Dreessen

Adriana Bolaños Villegas

Monica Barrosa

Caryn Henniger





Hotel Bougainvillea, Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica, March 9-13, 2015

* If your name is not on this list, and you believe your application was submitted properly, please email the Registrar about your concern.