Applications Received North America 2013

The following applications have been RECEIVED and are currently under review.  Notification of approval will be sent directly to the email provided during the application process.

Lorna Bell
Jackie Baldwin
Tali Barbarick
Lynn Butler
Debbie Carpenter
Jenya Comfort
Joyce Dalzell
Gail Foster
Sally Gary
Melanie Griffin
Jackie Halstead
Marilyn Holland
Cindy Hreczuch
Jennifer Jacobs
Trish Jacobs
Kim Jacoby
Diane Johnson
Julia Keith
Krista Kellar
Jennifer King
Colleen Laing
Danielle Lair
Jan Limiero
Allison Louie
Carla Lowe
Imogene McAnulty
Heather McMillan
Suzie McNeese
Donna Mitchell
Pam Money
Andrea Muirhead
Mary Muirhead
Elaine Nesbitt
Holly Roddick
LaVonne Roberts
Donna Roper
Janelle Ross
Lori Ruch
Alisha Ruple
Barbara Shirley
Nancy Shewmaker
Shirley Straker
Wendy Ulrich
Naomi Ververda
Sherrylee Woodward

Barnabas Landing, Keats Island, British Columbia, March 11-15, 2013

* If your name is not on this list, and you believe your application was submitted properly, please email the Registrar about your concern.