What they say…

I’ve been working on a class for tomorrow and have another one next Saturday, and I’m using the ideas that you shared with us about teaching … what fun! Sarah Meadows, Sao Paulo, Brasil

As I unpacked I relived all the wonderful words of encouragement, uplifting songs, powerful prayers and just plain great times!!…. The bond I feel with all of you through God’s powerful love continues to strengthen my daily walk. Pam Sullivan, Chemnitz, Germany

Ministering angels: transparent, radiating GOD’S HESED, giving of themselves, wounded warriors, real women. And we respond, opening our hearts, exploring tentatively the difficult spaces, hidden corners, pain too deep. Thank you! Enablers, providers, inspirers, comforters; evidence of GOD’S HESED in human form! Velma Forman, Lae, PNG

…every one of us came face to face with God or heard His voice. I am renewed, I am blessing the Lord with all my being, and I have remembered, lived again, all He is.  Nicole Whaley, Wollongong, Australia

…a personal love-visit from the Lord…an oasis of “come-apart” time to be lavished with an abundant outpouring of Himself in all (our) love languages: The Word, Worship, hugs, food – even M&M’s, recreation, frequent presents, fun.  We were treated as a favorite in God’s eyes through the extensive attentive ministry of the staff. Diane Olson, Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea

I want to say thank you to the supporters of this ministry [who] see and give to the women working in the harvest.  So many times people treat missionaries and ministers as superhuman, but the very fact that you see the problems that we face—burnout, isolation, spiritually dry, or discouragement—encourages me.  The fact that you are willing to give of your finances to keep me going overwhelms and humbles me.  All I can say is thank you for listening to our God and thank you for seeing me and the work I try to do as valuable. Rebecca Javorsky, Croatia

The hearts of these women beat with the love of God (hesed) for those of us who are serving God in a difficult place.  Their love flows from them, over and around us.  It is a tangible thing! Kristi Trowbridge, Bosnia & Hercegovina


I want each of you to know how much the sacrifice of time, money, family, and being able to sleep in your own bed is appreciated by all of us. I am thankful that God provided the money through generous Christians to pay for my being here and all the goodies you brought! But more than this, I appreciate that each of you care enough to do this for women all over the world.

You just had a retreat that blessed my sister beyond anything she has experienced (on the field). She wrote several of her “sisters by blood and sisters BY THE BLOOD” a report. I wept tears of joy as I read in her words how she had been lifted up through this ministry.

Just the fact that someone thought to do this, not to mention that you raise money to take people there and get the women there — it is huge. Obviously this work was inspired by God.

I know it is hard for men missionaries, too, but it is the nature of man to get a lot of who he is from his work. They also get so much from their women.

The women are often the ones who are have unmet needs. They give and they give, because it is their nature to be givers. So often the supportive wife ends up running on empty. And who better to realize this than the wives of evangelists? I expect those women know better than anyone else what it is like to be joined with a man who is called by God. Their men often come home worn completely out. I think that is why the wife has such a difficult job, and if there are children, it is extra important that she be there for them, since often the father has spent his energies outside the home.

If there is a place where I can read the story behind this organization — how it got started, etc., I would love that. But again, mainly I just want to support you in this work.

I so appreciate what you are doing, and the women who give their time to go with you.

May God ever bless you in this work!