Since March of 2020, our world has changed in dramatic ways. As a result, Come before Winter is re-envisioning what it means to renew, equip, honor, and unite women and men in ministry around the world during this time. We are excited to announce a number of unique online opportunities for study, prayer, worship, and reflection.

Each of our online classes offers a chance not only to interact with trained teachers in different fields of study but also to unite with those in ministry from around the world over Zoom. Our teachers take advantage of a wide variety of tools to encourage connection and reflection both virtually and in between classes. 

Who can take our online classes?

Our classes are specifically aimed at former Come before Winter renewal participants and others who fit our participant profile:

Come before Winter seeks to serve Christian leaders who minister to others in the name of Jesus for the advancement of the Kingdom. Our online classes are designed to facilitate spiritual renewal of God’s servant leaders who may experience “spiritual winter” in the form of fatigue, discouragement, or burnout as they intentionally and continually pour into the lives of others for Christ. 

Examples include (but are not limited to):

    • Ministers, pastors, and church leaders
    • Missionaries (current or repatriated) and church planters
    • Ministry leaders
    • Bible teachers, disciple-makers, and spiritual mentors
    • Employees of faith-based non-profits or non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
    • Christian life coaches, counselors, and spiritual directors

CbW participants must speak and read English well enough to grasp the lessons and participate fully in all activities without assistance.


How do I find out when registration is open for a new class?

You can sign up to join our mailing list and receive emails directly from us monthly by clicking here.


I was renewed by spending time with these [online participants], particularly as a group that was multi-ethnic, from a variety of countries and with such depth of faith.
I needed reminding about the global church and its unity around the gospel message.
[This class] gave me hope!

Online Class Participant, January 2021

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