What: Renewal for Women in Ministry

Where: Midgard Country Estate (near Windhoek, Namibia)

When: March 13-17, 2017

Application Deadline: January 20, 2017

 All spaces for this event are currently filled.
If you would like to apply for a space on our waiting list, please continue reading the information on this page.

Renewal Information & Requirements – Please read carefully!

PARTICIPANT PROFILE: A Come before Winter English renewal is designed for women in ministry who speak English well enough to grasp the lessons with minimal help. We define a “woman in ministry” as a female minister or missionary, a woman who oversees a ministry, either in her church or in the non-profit world of ministry, a woman who partners in ministry or church leadership with her husband (e.g., a minister’s or elder’s wife), or any woman who accepts the responsibility of mentoring others day in, day out and whose dedication to ministry consumes a major portion of her time and effort. THIS RENEWAL IS GEARED TOWARD RENEWING SERVANT LEADERS, MENTORS AND MINISTERS who by the nature of their daily service may become susceptible to fatigue, discouragement, even burnout.

  • Participants must arrange their own transportation to the site of the renewal. Once you check in, lodging and meals will be provided free of charge. You will need to bring spending money for additional expenses such as snacks, shopping, or special offerings at the retreat center.
  • The renewal and all accommodations are at Midgard Country Estate. The nearest airports, each about an hour from the hotel, are the Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH) and the Windhoek Eros Airport (ERS). We will provide double occupancy rooms. Bring comfortable clothing, a notepad, and your Bible. Other materials will be provided.
  • To respond, fill out and submit the application form which follows this information on the next page. Spaces are limited to 46 participants, and you will be advised when your application has been reviewed and accepted. Direct any additional questions to our registrar at [email protected].
  • Plan to arrive at Midgard Country Estate after lunch on Monday, March 13, 2017. Registration will begin at 2:30 p.m. Come before Winter will pay for lodging Monday through Thursday nights. All participants will check out on March 17, the last meal being lunch on Friday.
  • Participants should be present when the renewal begins at 2:30 p.m. on, Monday, March 13, and should remain for the entire event. We do not accept applications from those unable to commit to the entire program. All sessions, including the first and final events of the renewal, are significant to the program. We cannot begin until everyone is present, so we thank you in advance for making the appropriate travel arrangements to ensure your full participation.


Come before Winter’s unity covenant

In a spirit of common faith and unity in One Lord, we ask each participant to join us in a common commitment that has become a fundamental aspect of a Come before Winter experience:

We come together recognizing our common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. During the days of the renewal, we will set aside all differences and controversial topics, focusing only on what the apostle Paul termed “of first importance” in 1 Corinthians 15.3f:  We believe first and foremost that Jesus Christ lived, died and was buried, that He was raised on the third day, according to the Scriptures, and that He appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve and more than five hundred others, thus uniting those who believe in Him.
By applying for this event, you agree to honor this covenant. Let us focus our attention on Jesus and His sacrifice as together we attempt to comprehend the meaning of that sacrifice for all of us who believe.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Spaces are limited. Because of this, we must maintain a strict cancellation policy. When you submit an application, you are indicating your understanding that by canceling this reservation after January 20, 2017, you will be billed for expenses incurred on your behalf by Come before Winter. This will be at least $750.00 USD, depending on the date of your cancellation, as Midgard does not allow cancellations to our contract after that date.



Thank you for taking the time to complete the registration application on the next page. Your Come before Winter team will review and discuss each application in order to prepare for our time together. We will be praying for you specifically from the time you are confirmed for participation until the event itself. Your team will complete the same form prior to the renewal so that you also will have the same opportunity to know about and pray for us.

About submitting your application:
If you have any difficulty accessing the online application, email us at [email protected].  In your subject line, please use these words: “Difficulty with Application.”

NOTE: The application is lengthy and will take at least 45 minutes to complete. If you find that you cannot complete it in a single sitting, our website offers a feature that will save your application form and allow you to complete it later.  At any time you may scroll down to the bottom of the form and click the button that says, Save and Continue (located next to the “Submit” button.) After clicking on this button, you will see a link to your unfinished application form.  You will have the additional option of providing your email address so that the link can be sent to you.  Use the link to complete your registration at any time (it will be saved for up to 30 days).   Please note that the registrar will not receive any part of your form until you complete it and hit the “Submit” button. Contact the registrar with any questions about this process.

1.  Complete the application on the following page.  Answers need not be lengthy, but please be specific.  We require the completion of all fields before we can consider your application.  All information will remain confidential among the Come before Winter team.  We realize that this is a long application.  However, we use all of this information to prepare a renewal that will meet the needs of the women attending.

2.  Click “Submit” when you have completed all of the questions.

A confirmation code will appear.  This is your indication that we have received your application.

If you do not receive this code, please scroll down and check for highlighted errors.  In addition to the confirmation code which appears here, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail.

You will be notified when your application has been reviewed and accepted.

Please direct all additional questions to [email protected].

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