Anonymous donors are challenging CbW
to raise $250,000 by December 31, 2019.


These funds will launch Come before Winter into the next stage of development as we transition into new leadership, from founder to new full-time executive director, publish new curricula for men and women, and begin new works in the Middle East and MedIterranean Rim.


The following donations will be matched up to $125,000:

  • Any donation by a previous donor that exceeds that donor’s gifts in 2018 (the amount over the 2018 total will be matched)
  • Any donation by a previous donor who did not contribute in 2018
  • Any donation by a new donor
  • Any gift coming from a “matching gift policy” of a donor’s employer
  • The total amount of a multi-year pledge of up to three years— provided the first gift is received in 2019

Our board and leadership teams and other major donors have already contributed $47,555 of the $125,000 needed. This campaign represents a significant landmark in the development of the ministry. We remain in awe of the open doors God reveals and the many ways God provides. Thank you for continuing to support the spiritual health of men and women in ministry around the world by helping us reach this goal.

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Heart change and inner renewal will surely have an impact on my relationships, attitude and the ministry I’d like to start…

Women’s renewal, Russia 2016