Our missionBy the power of God and for God’s glory, Come before Winter exists to renew, equip, honor and unite men and women in ministry around the world.

Our philosophy: Provide men and women in ministry with a gift of time in which they can dedicate themselves exclusively to hearing the voice of God, and He will renew them—mind, body, and soul.

Our goals:

  • To accentuate the spiritual disciplines of study, prayer, praise and reflection and to highlight the significance of these practices for spiritual formation.
  • To provide a relaxed and reflective rhythm to each day.
  • To open and close each day in communal worship.
  • To emphasize regular study and the responsible evaluation of the biblical text.
    • More relaxed, less academic
    • More reflective and experiential
  • To provide multiple opportunities during each day for personal prayer, communal prayer, small group prayer, and one-on-one prayer.
  • To walk alongside our participants as they seek to hear and to respond to a personal Word from God in practical and specific ways.
  • To rejoice in our fellowship as believers and to celebrate God’s faithfulness to renew and mature those who seek Him.

I have really learned to trust what God is telling me, and I learned how to really absorb his Word ... This definitely will change how I relate to those I minister to. The freedom I experienced will translate into a new confidence I lacked in my ministry.

Men's Renewal, Thailand, June 2016