In the last year, our world has changed in dramatic ways. As a result, Come before Winter is in the process of revisioning what it means to renew, equip, honor, and unite women and men in ministry around the world during this time. We are offering unique, online opportunities for study, prayer, worship, and reflection. Having added our first online study in May 2020, we are now offering ministry leaders the opportunity to sign up for virtual prayer appointments.

What is a prayer appointment? Prayer appointments are one-on-one prayerful conversations with a Come before Winter team member. Representing the spiritual discipline of intercessory prayer, these prayer appointments have become a foundational component at each of our renewals. If you have attended a renewal, you know how comforting and life-giving this time can be.

Those who request prayer will be paired with CbW partners who understand the process and are able to offer support in this way.  The appointments will last between 30-45 minutes and will be conducted online. Partners will determine together how and when to connect after the assignment is made (FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.).

The prayer appointment is not a counseling session, and CbW prayer partners are not licensed to practice therapy. The contents of the prayerful conversation will remain confidential between you and the prayer partner.

Any disclosure of an intent to harm yourself or someone else, or any report of an incident of abuse will require your prayer partner to consult with ministry leaders to determine what steps are appropriate to protect those involved both physically and legally.


How will I be matched with a prayer partner?

Female ministry leaders will be matched with a female prayer partner from the Come before Winter prayer team; male ministry leaders will be matched with a male prayer partner from the prayer team. Otherwise, appointments will be assigned based on the availability of prayer partners.


How will I know when my appointment will be?

Once you request a prayer appointment, you will receive an email from your prayer partner and the two of you will decide both the time and the best format for your appointment. We suggest Zoom, WhatsApp video, FaceTime, or some other type of video chat.


How can I request multiple prayer appointments?

If, after your appointment, you wish to attend an additional prayer appointment, you will need to submit an additional request. Please note it is unlikely that you will be paired with the same prayer partner each time.


What is the format of the prayer appointment?

Your prayer partner will introduce him/herself and engage with you around your request and your life and ministry. Each appointment is a one-on-one session with a member of the Come before Winter prayer team.


Fill out the form below to be matched up with a member of our prayer team.


I am called to live on the edge. It puts me in places that can feel insecure. I need someone in my corner to ground me and give me perspective. My prayer partner was a gift to provide shelter when I needed to process and encouragement to press in and be me.

Women's Renewal, Middle East, March 2020