Process over Product: Art Journaling as Spiritual Practice


Join licensed therapist Heather Hammock for a four-session exploration of art journaling.

Sometimes we focus our connection to God in left brain processes–linear thinking, logic, historical facts, rules, doctrines. Art and other creative practices allow us to expand our connection to God through more right brain processes like intuition, imagination, and wholistic thinking. Such meaningful creative practices need not be about working on large, time consuming projects. Brief, daily artistic expression–maybe just 10-15 minutes per day–can create a space for reflection that may add richness to our spiritual practices.

In this four-week class, Heather will guide participants in exploration of creative reflection through work on one page of a “truth book”, one page of a daily art journal, and a multi-layered collage. No prior artistic experience is required, as the focus will not be on production, but on the experience. Participants will give attention to how the process of creating art invites us to experience ourselves and God in a particular way.

This class is open to both women and men in ministry.

There will be two sections for the class, each meeting once a week for four weeks. Each session will last around an hour and a half.

Section 1: Mondays at 9:30 am CDT (Central Daylight Savings Time), Sept. 20 – Oct. 11
Section 2: Mondays at 7:30 pm CDT, Sept. 20 – Oct. 11

(To figure out what time that would be locally, you can go to Compare the time listed above in Dallas, Texas, to your local time.)

When you register below, choose the section that will work best with your schedule.

Heather Hammock loves the messy complexity of being a human, being made of dirt that was breathed to life by a mysterious, loving God. She finds that God’s patience and creativity are the Source of strength and peace in all her roles–wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, therapist, CbW leadership team member, aspiring swimmer, and lover of metaphors. And since 2001, Heather has treasured the gift of being part of Come before Winter’s participation with God as God connects and transforms people.

Come before Winter - Heather Hammock

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