A Journey in Discipleship with the Women in Luke’s Gospel

Join Dr. Jeanene Reese for a seven-week online class focusing on the women in Luke’s gospel through the lens of discipleship.

From Mary’s visit from Gabriel at the beginning of the gospel to the women’s declaration of Jesus’ resurrection at the end, female disciples are found at every juncture of Luke’s gospel. Through their faithful following of Jesus, including even their financial support of his ministry, they are exemplars for disciples today on how to live for Christ. Continuing CbW’s mission of renewing and uniting Christian leaders around the world, this class is open to both women and men in ministry.

This seven-week class will meet once a week beginning April 4 and ending May 16. Each class session will last an hour and a half.  We will offer both morning and evening sections: 

Section 1: Thursdays at 10:00 am CT (Central Time)
Section 2: Thursdays at 7:00 pm CT

To figure out what time that would be for you, go to Compare the time listed above for Dallas (CT) to your local time.

When you register below, choose the section that will work best for your schedule.

Jeanene Reese has served as a lead equipper and a member of the Leadership Team for Come before Winter for more than 20 years and has been a team member at more than 40 renewals. Recently retired from teaching Bible and ministry for 33 years at Abilene Christian University, Jeanene continues to teach whenever given the opportunity.