By the power of God and for God’s glory, Come before Winter exists to renew, equip, honor, and unite Christian leaders around the world.

Our renewals are geared toward renewing servant leaders, mentors and ministers who by the nature of their daily service may become susceptible to fatigue, discouragement, even burnout.


  • We offer renewals for men and women in ministry around the world. We define “men and women in ministry” as missionaries, ministers, and church leaders, including anyone who oversees a ministry, either in a church or in the non-profit world of ministry, as well as those who partner in ministry or church leadership with their husbands or wives (e.g., the spouse of a minister or elder). We serve those whose ministry roles involve the day in, day out responsibility of mentoring others in God’s church and whose dedication to ministry consumes a major portion of their time and effort.
  • In recruiting our teams, we bring together and send a group of spiritually mature servants, each with a variety of gifts in teaching, encouraging, counseling, leading praise, and administration, each willing to put themselves, their own personal preferences, and needs aside.
  • We host renewals that span five days, in which we provide opportunities for participants to have fun, share needs, make and renew friendships, and practice the spiritual disciplines of study, prayer, praise, and reflection.
  • We go to serve men and women; we leave behind brothers and sisters.

When & Where:

Click through the Prezi below to see all the places that we’ve been since our start in 2001. The presentation is arranged by regions of the world, showing the countries we have traveled to in that region.

Heart change and inner renewal will surely have an impact on my relationships, attitude and the ministry I’d like to start…

Women’s renewal, Russia 2016